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If anything needs to be assembled, built, installed, repaired or maintained, we can find the people to do it. Our team works across a variety of industries, finding people for a broad range of roles at all stages of the manufacturing process. In an environment that is increasingly automated, the skillset of these individuals are becoming ever more niche. Our network helps us to identify exactly who can do the job.


Our expertise

We help manufacturers find temporary, contract and permanent candidates for a variety of key manufacturing positions. We appreciate the precise standards of the profession and have our own competency-based framework to ensure that we're only recruiting the best talent. While certain skills might be transferable, how they approach their work is critical.

Manufacturing Recruitment

We know the importance of having the right people in your business to ensure you hit fulfilment figures. Our consultants have extensive experience working with permanent and temporary candidates for a broad range of roles from assemblers, electro-mechanical fitters and production operatives through to prototype build engineers and continuous improvement staff.

Research & Development Recruitment

Who you hire can define your financial success, you need your R&D team to be pushing the boundaries of what's possible alongside finding efficiencies to stay ahead of the competition. With a deep understanding of how the industry works and is developing, we're able to talk to candidates on their level.

Procurement Recruitment

Managing suppliers to ensure materials are fairly priced is of the utmost importance for you to remain competitive without eating into profit. Whether it's for interim support or a permanent position, we have a strong network of commercial professionals with manufacturing experience across the UK.

Logistics & Supply Chain Recruitment

We recognise the operational challenges you face on a daily basis, whether that's surrounding goods in, packing and despatch, shrinkage rates or compliance and risk mitigation. Our comprehensive selection process means you'll always have the right people, with the right skills on-site.

The Manufacturing Team


Our Brands

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